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Alternative Medicinal herbs of plants

alternative medicine

alternative medicine

Medicinal herbs of plants that have therapeutic properties to various diseases, as well as in maintaining human and animal health. The biggest advantage of the herbs they cure 100% natural. Herbs are an essential element in Chinese medicine, natural therapy. Can insert the herbs in the drinks (such as tea) or food. It can also be consumed the form of powders, capsules, fats, oils, and other.

The stages of development of Chinese medicine:

I started using ancient Chinese medicine, while the disease demons and spirits in the borrowed body. Has launched on the doctor who suffers these diseases at that time the title of "magician", his job was to remove the demons and spirits that borrowed the body through the different weather.

After a certain period, the changed forms of interaction and faith in China and participate in the process of cosmic laws, astronomy, and Mathematics. Thus philosophers, diseases, spirits, and demons kill the body, they realized that they are working under certain laws. Which led to the perception that this illness and pain due to the lack of homogeneity of the deviation of the balance of the year.

alternative medicine

alternative medicine types









alternative medicine types









Chinese medicine, four methods, aiming to keep the trade balance in the body:

  • Plant food - plants appropriate with energy, taste, temperature, the patient, with the aim of achieving a balance between the heterogeneity within it, such as the treatment of the hot with cinnamon.
  • Acupuncture prepare flour made of steel and copper is the use of"electric battery" in order to direct the flow of energy in the human body. In addition to the heat points that will lead acupuncture in the way of igniting the herbal plant the sage, in order to stimulate and accelerate the length (the energy channels in the body). According to modern science, these channels work in parallel with both the nervous system and the fluid between cells.
  • Still to this day in a new development. Saves energy several points in the body, by pressing, stirring, filtration, the use of oils, herbs and medical anabolic steroid.
  • Exercises and training in order to reach an internal balance in the body.

Even to this day, the Chinese continue to use the old treatment. Hospitals directed patients to the clinic to get the treatment according to the methods of modern medicine, and only after that, they were treated according to the methods of Chinese medicine. For example, a patient who is suffering from a herniated disc (disk).

alternative medicine

Chinese medicine will help you in the treatment of PMS

There is a Chinese medicine since the prescription is excellent in the treatment of PMS. They simply re-balance by changing lifestyle, nutrition and other.


Conventional treatment for the menstrual cycle:

Hormonal pills.
Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications Paracetamol(paracetamol), (naproxen), ibuprofen (Ibuprofen).
It is important to emphasize that conventional treatment helps to relieve pain only temporarily.

alternative medicine

Herbal treatment for lack of sexual desire:

Pressure, stress, hormonal imbalances, obesity, unbalanced diet and other factors, causing physical exhaustion and affect directly on the libido of women. But wait, before you abandon your sex life, you can avoid many medication herbals in your favor, which is definitely going to do this, and will support women's added to relax the mind and sexual arousal. Effective herbal the lack of sexual desire.

 alternative medicine

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