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Lose weight this Ramadan Ramadan meal times

Lose weight this Ramadan What is the best diet in Ramadan? The best diet in Ramadan The people in the days of the holy month of Ramadan by eating varieties of food and drink for many hours, forcing them to implement, and foods in the time period between the ears ...

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diet water weight loss What is diet water

diet water weight loss Please, money just: Diet article is the diet you have to drink a large amount of water a day up to a liter. Everyone knows that drinking water in large quantities necessary and beneficial to the body, it works to maintain healthy joints and the health ...

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slimming drinks drinks for weight loss at home

slimming drinks Drinks help burn fat: Ginger and mint: Put half a tablespoon of ground ginger, half a tablespoon of mint crushed, half a tablespoon of rosemary, half a tablespoon of green tea, in the amount of half a liter of water, and leave them on low heat until boil ...

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