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cupping therapy research cupping science based medicine

cupping therapy research

The data unequivocally show that cupping therapy is far from a placebo, however, further investigations must be performed in order to fully understand its mechanism of action.

cupping therapy research











The process of cupping
Is the process of withdrawing blood from the skin surface using cups the air without cause, or following the posting of any superficial scratches with a scalpel, sterilized on the surface of the skin in specific locations for each disease.

cupping therapy research

Types of cupping:

First: dry cupping (Dry Cupping)
And using the stone world knows what cups the air (Glass Cupping) puts her on the subject of pain in the patient’s body without a skin condition, and in the transfer of humours Bad of pain sites to the surface of the skin thus disappears, a large part of the pain, and what used dry cupping in Chinese medicine and is wide, and glasses on the same sites Chinese acupuncture.

Secondly: wet cupping (Wet it)
It uses the scaled in its various forms and differ from dry cupping the skin scarification and light and scaled on the place of striping and discharged from the air through the plant (air intake) and blood humor of Bad logos and veins of small to the surface of the skin.

Third: the stone court-skater (Massage it)
And also cupping sliding, which is similar to dry cupping but be excited about the way fat site ( olive oil or peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil diluted).

Cupping is sometimes classified as independent for the resurrection of this species and in a cupping must they appeared because of the multiplicity of peoples who use the stone court, and forms of these arguments:
Cupping electro – cupping, magnetic cupping. – cupping water – cupping over acupuncture – cupping over needles post – cupping-herbal – cupping blinking (fast).

The general objectives of cupping:


Work without feeling like a person with a particular disease is evaluated, God willing, from diseases such as paralysis and stroke, etc., and the use of cupping therapy prevention is the best way to work out the amount clean the cells and this is what he’s talking about the West.


Many of the diseases treated by cupping: numbness shoulders pain knees and thinness hemorrhoids, sciatica and allergies food and many sleep.

cupping therapy research

cupping therapy research








The days in which the cupping blood

The difference between cupping preventative cupping, therapeutic

When you want to study one of them in the conduct of cupping have two goals: either as a treatment for a particular disease, or prevention of various diseases.

  • Cupping treatment:

Interested in cupping a complaint from a viewer or a bug or a health problem where he can make the stone court at any time the separation of time and place, as long as there was a need for him, gave us in this our Messenger when it is forbidden in his head and in the dorsum of the foot of a wrench was it.

  • Cupping preventive:

If interested in cupping does not suffer from any illness or health problem and wants to perform cupping for the purpose of prevention of various diseases only.

cupping therapy research

The moon and cupping

The phases of the moon and its impact:

We know that the moon and its actual effect on the ground although the diameter (3478) as just how much its mass part of (80) part of the mass of the earth it reaches from near average (385000) how many degrees make a powerful attraction with great effect the oceans rises to be the tides and even the crust of land is not devoid of influences.

Vertebrate North America may rise by fifteen centimeters when the moon clears it.

That the moon has an impact on the animals, since Mulder gel to reach the stage of full moon there will be sexual activity when animals.

Recent studies of cupping:

Have revealed many of the research studies conducted on cupping that have great benefits are still unknown to many people, the resurrection played an important role in the activation of the different functions of the members of the body and prevents diseases, imagine the damaged pyramid of balls and impurities increasing the blood supply to all tissues and organs.

Cupping affects a lot of systems and organs of the human body and helps to heal the diseases of the modern represent health problems.


How to use medicinal plants?

There are different ways to use medicinal plants. Extract, where it is pour boiling water over the flowers, plants, filter and drink it. Soak, where they pour boiling water on a large amount of plant material, and after twenty minutes is drinking it. Boiled, it is boiled all the parts of the plant with water, here also used parts of the plant are hard, such as roots, stem, chaff, and seeds. Times, in this case, the powder has mixed the plant with the fat.

Is the use of medicinal plants, depending on the type of flower and the type of treatment that we would like to get them. It is important to point out that herbal and medicinal, cannot be enough to heal when we note that the disease remains, we must see a doctor before it is too late.

Medicinal herbs and benefits of the therapeutic are not just beliefs but under the content of these herbal compounds effectively inhibit the properties to you the most important herbal medicinal benefits wonderful:

cupping therapy research


cupping therapy research