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diet water weight loss

diet water weight loss

Please, money just:

Diet article is the diet you have to drink a large amount of water a day up to a liter. Everyone knows that drinking water in large quantities necessary and beneficial to the body, it works to maintain healthy joints and the health of all the members and sensitive issues and also in maintaining normal body temperature, which makes sense, too; because six percent of body mass is water.



Please money just
You must at this diet is to drink water according to your weight to lose weight,

Drink a glass of water when you wake up.
Drink a glass of water every hour or to drink the amount of water amount of two liters to three liters.
Drink a glass of water before any meal half an hour.
Drink a glass of water hours before bedtime, and also helps to people convenient and speedy.

What is the diet water?

The definition of diet money
Know diet water that way to lose weight, it features a frankly diet; because it does not allow to download any kind of food and drinks only water, but it requires sometimes drink only water for several days, then eat fruits and vegetables when you start the weight for, as it is called in other times eating apples along with the water.

Way diet money?

drink or eat water for three days straight without eating any type of foods so that weight loss over a short period, a decrease of about 1.3 to 2.2 kg of weight within three days.

diet water weight loss

The pros diet the money
Features please money advantages of are numerous, chief among them being the following:

Reduce puffiness and to maintain a human feeling of satiety, which leads to reducing the accumulation of fatty substances in the body.
The heating body when you eat the cold water, which leads to the burning of extra calories.
The removal of toxic and harmful substances from the human body.
A few The cost; because the money is available at any place and time.


Water and burning fat

Water is considered of the core components of the task that are needed by the human body in getting rid of the fat accumulated, since the body contains from 55 to 75% water to do the chemical reactions responsible for the physiological processes necessary to remove the fatty substances in the body, and in general it helps get rid of waste products to reduce kidney stone disease, in other words, it helps the kidneys in their work.

diet water weight loss

After three days of following this diet, you can eat small amounts of food as follows:

The first day: eat small amounts of boiled vegetables.
The third day: eat a bowl of boiled vegetables with soup, wrapped islands for dinner.
Day two: refer to the food naturally taking into account the lack of eating bread and fatty foods.

How diet water?



Ways to follow the diet money
Drink half a liter of water before meals
It is recommended to drink about half a liter of water half an hour before the time of eating any meal, it helps to lose weight, in addition to he sings from beverages rich in calories, helps to achieve a healthy body weight, it showed a study conducted in 2014 to the people who drink the amount of water before meals say their consumption of calories by an average of 50 calories in each meal, they lost weight more than those who did not drink water before meals.

Also conducted a group of British researchers studied a group of overweight people, who they drank half a liter of water about half an hour before the date of each meal during the day, along with follow a low calorie diet, strengthen their efforts to lose weight through exercise, they found that the weight of these people may lack the sense of 1.5 kg after 12 weeks, compared to persons who are accustomed to decrease the calories that are ingested only.

diet water weight loss

Tips relating to the twin towers of the world financial:
When you follow the diet water it is necessary to pay attention to the following points for best results:

Exercise sports or physical activity, in addition to drink hot water, where it helps the weight loss.
Better to lose weight slowly at the rate of half a kilogram to a kilogram a week, because a loose weight fast means that a person loses water and muscle mass in the body and not fat.
They should also encourage children especially to drink the water because that would help them to avoid overweight or obesity in the future.

diet water weight loss

Dam appetite:

Studies have shown that when drinking people, especially those who are middle-aged or older, water before meals, It reduces their appetite, and did not show the same effects in reducing the number of calories in people younger when you follow this pattern.

The benefits of the men's Water World?

Raise the metabolic rate
Helps drinking water during dieting to get rid of body toxins, in addition to raise the metabolic rate, thus burning more calories, as many studies have shown that drinking about half a liter of water, increases the metabolic rate by 35% for an hour, as studies show that people who drink large amounts of water within the jerking of their own to lose excess weight more quickly compared with others.


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