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Good foods healthy cooking recipes for weight loss

Healthy cooking recipes:

Good foods








Good foods :

Is eggs a good source of protein, but it is important to store and handle it and set it up correctly.

The house is a good option as part of a healthy, balanced diet. As well as being a source of protein, it contains vitamins and minerals. And can be part of a healthy meal and quick and easy to prepare.

Good foods

Eggs and your diet

Eggs are a good source for:

• Protein

• Vitamin (D)

• Vitamin (A)

• Vitamin (B 2)

• Iodine

Eggs and cholesterol

Eggs contain cholesterol, and high levels of cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of heart disease.

amount of " data-type="trSpan" data-selected="true">However, the amount of saturated fat we eat affects more on the amount of cholesterol in the blood from eating eggs.

Good foods

The safety of the house

Can lead eating raw eggs and eggs with the yolk liquid or any type of food, uncooked or cooked incompletely and contains raw eggs to food poisoning, and especially those who fall into the category of 'at risk'. And include these groups:

    •  Infants and young children
    • The elderly
    •  Pregnant women
  •  People who suffer from the disease

When you use ordinary eggs, and unpasteurized, you have to keep in mind the importance of the following:

 Store eggs properly

• To avoid the spread of bacteria from eggs to other foods, utensils or work surfaces in the kitchen.

• Cooking eggs properly - ensuring the yolk and the egg white has become solid and kills any type of bacteria

eat hard-boiled eggs partially or foods that contain eggs" data-type="trSpan">People who do not fall into the vulnerable groups and eat hard-boiled eggs partially or foods that contain eggs

Cooked in part should not be facing any health problems, but cook the eggs completely is the safest option if you are concerned about food poisoning.

health list

Recipe for lawn mower in a healthy way:

Ingredients to prepare the dish lawn mower:

2 kg zucchini

1-kilo beef ground
2 cups white rice
2 tbsp tomato paste
4 The love of a medium tomato
3 cubes chicken broth
3 tbsp olive oil
20 sheet Mint
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon Bharat problem
1 teaspoon salt

The observations of the specialist nutrition

  • Don't stimulate my vegetables too much to leave my crust thicker and rich in dietary fiber.
  • Choose a red meat-free tonight (fat) because these contain a high concentration of saturated fats that cause narrowing of the arteries.
  • Replace white rice, all rich in dietary fiber which protects from constipation and feeling of satiety.
  • When you add oil to the filling, be it by one teaspoon of oil for every one cup of the barrel, because oil contains a large number of calories.
  • Cook the pulp of the vegetables drilled on low heat and eat it with a lawnmower.
  • A lot of spices because they bear many health benefits.

Nutritional values per portion

Calories   622

Protein   39 grams

Fat total  28 grams

A carbohydrate              51 grams

Dietary fiber                  4 grams

Good foods


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