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Phytotherapy Medicinal plants and their benefits








Appeared herbs since ancient times, the Greeks, the Romans, China, and India who hacked into the different herbs and create herbal remedies for different ailments. Today, herbs are still used to add a distinctive flavor to food and used as occasions. Moreover, they are used as a supplement of healthy food in alternative medicine for different conditions and ailments, health promotion and disease prevention. Herbs are used also in cosmetics, dyes, and scents. A lot of people are aware of the health benefits of herbs and trusts in the power of healing use it

*Chamomile flowers ( Artemisia – chamomile – Apple Cedar ):

Chamomile is one of the herbs and annuals with a fragrant smell, which is a benefit great medical.


  1. Use of the outside of the powder of the flowers address skin infections and sores and wounds in the mouth and inflammation of the nail.
  2. Using Steam the decoction of flowers of inhalation in case of inflammation of the airways: nose, throat, and trachea.
  3. The treatment of a cough and hoarseness of voice.
  4. Using emulsion flowers from the outside to wash the infected eyes had a cinder in their wants, and shower vaginal treatment vaginal discharge white.
  5. Helps in the treatment of inflammations of the stomach, liver, and fragmentation of pebbles, and focus on generating the Bride and the output of toxins from the body.
  6. Think of the most powerful herbs that have a calming effect and assistant for.
  7. Used to getting rid of stress and anxiety, headaches and feeling hungry.
  8. Nerve tonic, and help digestion.
  9. Used in case of back pain and rheumatic gout, by placing the compresses on the place of pain.
  10. Used in cosmetic medicine.




  1. Repellent to the wind and help to digest food.
  2. Oil of caraway antiseptic good media for kids.
  3. Frequent use of a decoction of caraway prevents turning normal cells into cancer cells.
  4. Used in some food industries, such as some types of pancakes and cheese.



The value of his food is in it contains proteins, oils, fats, and fiber, sugars, starch, next to the use of essential oil, and also contains (Choline), a material found in all cells especially in bile, which is necessary for the performance of a liver function.


  • Help anise in the expulsion of stomach gas and get rid of the bulges.
  • Treats inflammation of the stomach and liver.
  • Helps in the digestion of fatty foods.
  • Helps in getting rid of insomnia and the Pacific.
  • Useful in cases of a cough and hoarseness of the voice and treats asthma and eliminates phlegm.

Culinary purposes:

  1. You can add anise Chrome and candy, cake, pies, and biscuits to give him the note and sweet aroma.
  2. Anise oil is used for the medical purposes The for and bloating.
  3. Added to mouthwashes and preparations for medical, dental.


Sagebrush ( sage ):

A herbaceous plant living in the mountain areas it shows mostly on tea.


  1. Improves and strengthens memory.
  2. Beneficial to the health of the mouth and teeth such as ulcers and inflammation of the gums using marinated it for gargling cost.
  3. Used to calm the skin in case of insect bites by using a juicer leaves of sagebrush in the place of a sting.
  4. Relieves night sweats.
  5. Used in regulating the menstrual cycle, alleviate symptoms of menopause.
  6. Stop the bleeding of wounds.
  7. Depends on your food as it is used in cooking recipes.


Hyssop ( teeth David ):

Is herb Evergreen is the use of the whole plant, including leaves and flowers. Considered one of the types of plants that grow in salt marshes in many places of the world.


  1. Helps in the treatment of constipation and the colon.
  2. Helps in raising the high blood pressure, it's also a diaphoretic.
  3. Help in the processes of digestion and relieve mild swelling of the abdomen and stomach, carminative

External use:

  • Used girls flowering plants in the treatment of wounds and bruises without leaving scars.
  • During the shower where added in the shower to remove the tired.
  • In cases of bronchitis and chest is boiled at volatile oils of.

A general remark :

The predominance of the herbs mentioned contains compounds to increase the pilot with the characteristics and benefits of treatment is important. So I prefer not to boil these herbs but pour them boiling water and boil for 15 minutes and then drink in order to take advantage more fully of the benefits of grass.

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