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sport slimming body Weight loss, in the context of medicine

sport slimming body

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Weight loss of the body:

Slimming is the attempt of man to reduce his weight in order to improve the level of health or for the purpose of acquiring the body agility, or to take advantage of both free with. And in this way some resort to following the diet and the strict food specific eating disorder, of which there were many, need, and other uses. As some resort to abuse of pills for slimming, but it does not find me as long as there is no real will to change the way you eat. The first of slimming is to follow the system, eat in order to himself, and so I don’t feel human does not hunger and deprivation, which buys him the same. Must be presented to the dietitians himself that he does not expect a rapid improvement in his weight but would need about 6 months to a year to get to the weight you smile. Moreover, the system described here does not deprive him of anything he likes, but it depends on the volatility of quantities with which it deals. And the selection is small in quantity affordable See without them on the spot or once in a while is useful.

Protection from obesity:
Obesity of the most dangerous what may befall a human through his life, being one of the most notable things that have resulted in a number of other diseases are the causes of chronic diseases, and hearty, and the pain of arthritis, and many other diseases that may cause death, the greater the risk, exacerbated her condition in the human body.

sport slimming body

sport slimming body










Methods of prevention of obesity

  • Regular exercise, individually or collectively, in the house, or field, or sports clubs, what is important is regularity in doing this activity, sport is a major way of means to maintain good rates of loss of calories, along with many other benefits including the protection of many different diseases, maintain body healthy.
  • Reduce the intake of foods that cause a significant increase in weight, which at the same time.


  1. Stay away from places that know food in a way to excite the appetite of the human to eat more foods with the feeling of satiety, as large shopping centers.
  2. Drink water before you start eating the bait, where the water helps the human sense of satiety, thus reducing the amount of food that would be addressed by the faces.
  3. Not buying harmful food from the market, mainly soft drinks of all kinds, in addition to fast food.
  4. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, where they contribute to a sense of human Company if he is hungry, apart from being of food the important that provide the Human with many of the nutrients.

The best weight loss tips of all time

Weight loss is difficult. Weight loss and then maintain them the hardest. Adults in the United States suffer from overweight or obesity and weight loss if you are trying to lose weight, there is no reason to lose hope. A lot of studies show that permanent weight loss is not a fairy tale. Some exercise and lifestyle tips that follow your routine.

The best time to exercise:

sport slimming body


Walking is one exercise useful is great to the human body, so that an individual must walk daily for at least thirty minutes, as is the less math that may cause harm to the human body, as this exercise is appropriate for all individuals of all ages, regardless of the strength of Health that they enjoy, and for everyone before you start to exercise the exercise the opt array of tips.

The best time to burn fat:


Walking is one of the simplest kinds of sports, he does not need to work very hard to do, or even devote time to his practice as in other sports, where you can walk out to the nearby shops to walk rather than development in the vehicle, or go to your job to walk, so it was the sport best suited to warm up before you start to exercise the exercise the other that you want, and we’ll show in this article the benefits of walking, in addition to the best time to exercise, tips to lose weight.

The benefits of walking:

  1. Reduce weight and reduce the proportion of harmful fats and LDL-cholesterol in the body.
  2. Increase the proportion of good fats, which in turn assessment of atherosclerosis.
  3. Treat high arterial pressure, through the performed duration of an hour to two hours a day.
  4. Burn good amount of calories.
  5. Experiencing muscle pains and hinges, and lubricate the movement of the active joints.

sport slimming body

Tips to lose weight

  • Walk with your head, to breathe well.
  • I walk straight, without bends, to avoid back pain.
  • I walk for half an hour so you don’t get bored or burnout.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water before the ten minutes.
  • Keep doing the exercise.
  • Doing exercises to the heel of your foot and your fingers to
  • facilitate the process.


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Here are 10 more tips to lose weight even faster:
Eat a high-protein breakfast.
Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
Drink water a half hour before meals.
Choose weight loss-friendly foods (see list).
Eat soluble fiber.
Drink coffee or tea.
Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.
Eat your food slowly.