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weight loss tips simple without dieting or starving

weight loss tips without dieting

Weight loss tips in all fat in the body weight loss is the general form which everyone wants to keep it in the best shape, but it is also detrimental to health if you do not follow the right path and the physical level is appropriate, causing many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease so let’s discuss with you ways of slimming without diet. You will also learn about the best ways to reduce weight without dieting. The most important methods of slimming without dieting:

Weight loss tips

Diet to lose weight and burn fat tips without dieting:

  1. Diet to lose weight loss tips and fat burning more important to set a realistic goal to lose weight so that you must select the desired weight reduction with the help of the calculator the ideal weight, note that these things need some time to get the required result.
  2. weight loss tips A lot of colors present in vegetables and fruits, beautiful and exquisite food such as pepper, cucumber, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and other healthy foods that if added in a single meal benefited well. Note that some diets, such as carrots or tomatoes overflowing the body to follow a diet to lose weight and burn fat.
  3. Water loss Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day is one of the most important steps and tips to Quick fat loss to drink a glass of water before every meal almost, so to hydrate the body and replace lost fluids and reduce friction to soft drinks and juices, so I recommend that you carry a bottle with you wherever you go.
  4. weight loss tips Diet soft drinks belly fat stop eating soft drinks. Soft drinks even diet ones products commercial of the body especially in the abdominal region because it contains large amounts of sugar that is difficult to handle body it is then converted to fat storage around the abdominal area this is why you should get rid of the soft drinks or avoid them as much as possible in the case of the desire to get a taut belly.

The best ways of slimming without a diet that helps you lose weight

 The most important methods of slimming without diet:

  • Select the time of your meal:

You eat at a slow rate for 20 minutes only in the meal, This of the best habits that help reduce weight, try to remember every bite of his food.

  • Whenever you eat a lot whenever save weight:

Sleep the number of extra hours in the day would reduce the weight about 8 kg each year, according to the research of the University of Michigan, which confirms that sleep reduces the rate of calorie by 7% and sleep works the other way, the number of the few hours of sleep raises the appetite of a human, unlike sleep a lot .

  • Vegetables:

Before dinner is advised to drink lemon juice and eat a dish contains three kinds of vegetables and eating fruit is also before dinner .. this is a great way because the fiber and tissue and water feel human satiety and thus helps reduce eating food with fewer calories.

  • The soup (soup):

Recommended before and during lunch eating drinking vegetable low-salt, and that’s because they reduce the speed of eating, in addition to the loss of appetite fast.

  • Your old clothes:

More a place to sit, put one of your old clothes before gaining weight or buy an article and want to wear it one day and put in front of you constantly even be a prize for you and if you’re sitting on all the steps.

  • Serious deliver sugars:

Replace sugary drinks such as soda with water or juice fruit natural and will provide 11 units of sugar and there is a study confirming the save more than 500 calories from this step only equivalent to losing a kilo and a half a gram every month.

  • The container is long and high:

Use glasses high and long instead of wide and short will make you drink less than juice or soda by 40%.

  • Green tea:

Increased calorie burning after the use of green tea or at least is a good drink by a small number of calories.

weight loss tips

Eating at home:

Eating at home five days a week at least helps to reduce the amount of food compared to fast food current.

  • Stop for a minute:

Most of the people during the food stops suddenly from eating for about two minutes, do not try to cut this phenomenon, but enjoy it and enjoy the conversation with people who deal with them daily.

  • Chewing gum:

The use of ” gum” is sugar with a strong taste to overcome the risks of eating between the main meals and try not to make dinner while you watch TV or browse the Internet the taste of chewing gum to rival some of the foods.

  • Minimize the size of the dishes:

Minimize the size of the dish makes you eat less of course if the size of the dish a little and eating so much that it gives you the impression that food a lot and you will feel as soon as you are done with them, and often doing the job to the fullest.

  • One-third of your food:

Of the greatest health habits that help regularity weight not eating until satiety .. but only up to 85% satiation and is the method can be used to reduce the size of the dishes and timing of food in addition to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

  • Simple activities:

Think of the most important ways of slimming without diet simple procedure helps to burn more than 100 calories a day, and one of these actions is walking distance to kilometers in 25 minutes a day, or cleaning the house for 35 minutes a day, or running fast for 20 minutes a day.

tips without dietingtips without dieting



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