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best weight loss program

diet program 

To lose a weight of half a kilogram each week, you should consume

500 calories less than you burn every day. In order to succeed in making

a diet without dieting should increase the burning of calories from the rate

of consumption in the day There are important ways to enable you to succeed on protect a diet without diet and your body, which is as follows:

  • At breakfast, eating a full orange gives you the chance to burn forty-five calories
    You must drink low-fat milk instead of whole fat without sugar or sugar diet.
    Your morning cup of coffee or your favorite cup of tea, best without sugar.



You must replace the mayonnaise with custard at lunch to protect you from one hundred calories per tablespoon     without feeling.
Avoid eating fatty cheeses and protect your body from 100 calories.
At the time of eating snacks do not need to eat potatoes or any kind of starches.
You can replace it with an apple that provides your body with more useful fibers and protects you from high calories
Replace gaseous liquids with drinks such as Diet Cola, iced tea or natural juices without sugar. This will protect your body from 150 calories to one kilo of calories per drink.

diet program

Eating smaller meals and light from two to three hours instead of the three basic meals. Eating because the repetition of small meals remain stable blood sugar level and reduces the impulse.

Can walk instead of driving the vehicle of your own top management for necessary approvals best exercise you can do to burn fat and Shed 85 lbs without the accused. You can also work at intervals of exercise is very important
pool for a period of time during hours enable you to burn 500 calories because it is very enjoyable and
also, the swimming pool is working to improve the form of the body where it affects all body muscles,
these items that you have the most important and best ways to Shed 85 lbs without the accused, and do not need a strict diet to burn fat and reducing your weight. You can only change some bad habits followed by many in eating any food without depriving yourself.

The most powerful recipes to lose the rumen and abdomen at home:

diet programs

How to get rid of the rumen:

First: the causes of the emergence of the rumen.

    1. Laziness, lethargy, and lack of movement.
    2. Too much sleep, especially after eating directly.
    3. Drink water or juices while eating.
    4. Frequent intake of sugars and fats.
    5. Eat a lot of soft drinks.
    6. A lack Exercise.
    7. Colon diseases that cause fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity.


  1. Wrong food habits such as eating the king that locks fluids in the body especially in the central (abdomen, buttocks).
  2. The psychological pressure and anxiety.
  3. Improper nutrition to the neglect of special exercises during pregnancy and after birth.

Second: how to get rid of the rumen.

  • The is the first tip for slimming the abdomen, in addition to its benefits the population in the body loss And burning fat. Where the study indicated that the burn fat, especially that accumulated in the central region of the abdomen and buttocks, and it is useful for general health of an individual and helps loss 300 calories for every 70 minutes he walked, the more the speed of walking and the longer their duration, the better regarding fat burning, but more importantly is the attendance on the daily. As for the best time to have referred the study to the importance of the empty stomach, the reason for this lies in the concentration of blood in the digestive tract while it is full of food is what leads to the opposite result regarding how to get rid of the rumen, as well as the possibility of causing it in rapid fatigue and dizziness.
  • Exercise after eating in 2 hours or at dawn, provided training in the practice of sports, especially for plans aged 39 years and each of the forms of the disease, and for exercise when feeling tired. Note that the effect of the wind and in improving the fat burning rate of the body extends for more than two days after the practice we, therefore, prefer to regularity and health.
  • Massage can use it with modern equipment that does not harm the body, while they, in turn, walked propagation of war and sport will come the outcome significantly. It is not the theme as it appears the publicity and advertising for these products, but its use besides what already mentioned could make a difference with the preference for Manual massage. Preferably use oils hot peppermint oil and ginger oil and eucalyptus oil and lavender oil in the message the region where cellulite and then make the abdominal exercises.
  • Follow a healthy balanced diet combines the audit is to eat food, a lot of movement, exercise and drink plenty of water and refrain from wrong food habits and foods as harmful as sugars, fats, salt, and other points that have been mentioned at the beginning of the thread how to get rid of the rumen, and that without diet particular if you have experience in adjusting your diet, or dividing the diet by many diets free health that you can test any system with the proviso that fits your needs to abide by it and achieve the desired outcome of the following. For more information, we recommend you to learn: a comprehensive guide to losing the rumen and severity of abdominal home.










diet program

Here we have explained generally how to get rid of the rumen, in spite of the show theme xha simple except that the obligation mentioned above may be difficult at first, but it's not as hard as you can imagine and you can already loss belly fat of your home these steps without spending money or effort on condition that serious, patience and commitment.

Please think green has become of the most important systems and programs accursed or campaigns teleological argument that resort to women from the Arab world who are looking for agility but before going into the details of dieting, why green apples have?

We mentioned before in many articles the benefits of apples, but for the shortcut, think apple of more fruits health characterized by its richness in minerals, fiber and vitamins, so it is a good way to provide elements of the teleological argument important and needed by everybody to perform its functions daily as normal during the dieting period. Among the benefits of apples other, it activates the nervous system of the body, in addition to being a good laxative for the digestive system of the body. On the other hand, contain Apple full I have 70 to 100 calories just based on their size, and more importantly, Apple does not contain fat.

On the other hand, showed a recent scientific study that eating a person to do one a day reduces calories, in addition, a recent study showed the people some eating an Apple before they ate their lunch in A quarter of an hour ate 191 calories less than those who did not take the Apple

diet program

  • Please think and money and the loss of 6 kilos in a week.

Please think and money and the loss of 6 kilos in a week diet difficult kind of requires the will of the great we know you on a magazine diet to prevent the desire to lose weight quickly. But beware this accursed doesn't hate me after 7 months to do.
First and foremost this helps the health system to reduce waist circumference but may lead to the appearance of acne due to the change in your food diet, and of course to avoid fat after finishing the diet, because the stomach will be completely clean, so would prefer to keep it as well if you want to maintain your weight reached, should be drinking at least n cups of water a day, avoid fizzy drinks, and try to exercise and get enough sleep as much as possible.

diet program

  • Please think and money and the loss of 6 kilos in a week.

  • Diet program Regina about Apple and the money and the loss of 6 kilos in a week.

Today for the first:

Breakfast: green apples.
Lunch: green apple.
Dinner: green apple.
Drink at least n liters of water per day.

The second day:

Breakfast: green apple.
Lunch: lettuce with lemon or vinegar, cottage cheese, and some salt, 2 liters of water during the day.
Dinner: green apple.

diet program

The second day:

Breakfast: a piece of bread, a slice of meat and an Apple.
Lunch: lettuce with carrots and onions.
Dinner: green apple.

The fourth day:

Breakfast: a piece of bread, a slice of veal and an Apple.
Lunch: vegetable salad and potatoes with tuna and lemon.

Dinner: cereal and skim milk.

The fifth day:

Breakfast: green apple., fried eggs and a slice of bread.
Lunch: salad of raw vegetables and meat baked in the oven.
Dinner: green apple.

The previous day and the previous:

diet program The seventh day: Breakfast: green apple.
Lunch: Apple.
Dinner: green apple.
Drink at least n liters of water per day

Breakfast: green apple.Lunch: fruit apple single-dish green salad with lemon juice without oil 2 slice cheese fat-free.
Dinner: green apple.


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