Body Diet

body diet

body shape analysis  

  • Body sugar:

When a person breathes in large amounts of sugar, the sugar level in a blood

and thus strengthens the body secreting a lot of insulin lead to accumulation
cinnamon alabaster of oats to the foods, this struggling desire to eat sugars of

fat in the waist The solution lies in the intake of complex
carbohydrates such as processed foods from whole grains and add them

and your blood sugar Preferably exercise in a sequential manner at the rate of starting
exercise light and then an interval followed exercises more strength for 25 minutes

at least 3 times a week

body diet

body shape analysis

Body tension:

When it comes to human to tension and stress know the level of the

hormone cortisol in the body which leads to fat accumulation around

the organs especially in the abdominal area and
The solution lies in eating food rich in complex carbohydrates

such as processed foods from whole grains - peas - fruit - nut - seed - milk - beans - corn - beans
These foods enhance the level of serotonin (happiness hormone ),

which helps to relax and comfort the neural control of balance
Some yoga exercises 51 minutes twice a week.


  • Body testosterone:

In this form accumulate fat in the arm area and make it extremely

difficult to build muscle ...that your body is suffering from

deficiency in the secretion of a substance testosterone
The solution lies in the introduction of a vitamin ( D ) in your diet

heavily fish such as salmon and sardines Aerobics you

need to say at least 20 minutes twice a week.

body diet


body shape analysis

  • Body estrogen: This form the fat accumulated in the thighs and hips are the
  • owner of this body agree on physical symptoms, psychological,
  • emotional, stronger than others in the period before the
  • menstrual cycle, like, to high levels of estrogen in the body.
    If you have this figure you need to eat more of hard vegetables
  • such as broccoli and cauliflower because they contain a large proportion
  • of material that operates to reduce the ratio of estrogen and exercises
  • running in place for 20 - 30 minutes a day for 3 days then rest day every 3 days


body diet

If yourself slim down quickly : * Keep yourself from catching and eating water vegetables and

fruit rich in fiber to improve the movement of knowledge

If yourself slim down quickly :
* Eat your breakfast early in the first hour of waking up will increase

The burn rate and burn fat day and thus get rid of your fat

faster in less time


body shape analysis

If yourself slim down quickly : * Commitment to healthy diet developed by your doctor without increase or decrease



If yourself slim down quickly :* Eating foods rich in dietary fiber to improve digestion and movement of the colon and regulating the level of sugar and cholesterol checks blood.

If yourself slim down quickly :* Chew food thoroughly each time before swallowing, so to improve

my digestion and absorption Oliver thanks fast.

If yourself slim down quickly :* Stay away from stress and nervousness who affect the behavior

of you and overwhelming you to eat greedily more.

If yourself slim down quickly :* Reduce use of salt eat because of Bissau fluid retention

by the body which causes weight gain

If yourself slim down quickly :* Required for 6 - 8 hours a day is connected to the

If yourself slim down quickly :
* Required drink 2 - 3 liters of water daily to improve the process of movement daily

body shape analysis

body diet

The causes of the constancy of weight during the diet :
1 - constipation quintet and indigestion
2. not eating breakfast or delayed more than an hour of waking up 3. eat dinner right before bedtime
4. intake of salts and sugars in large quantities more than the allowable
5 - lack of or minimizing of drinking water
6 - switch the meals during the diet.
7 - the period of the menstrual cycle when women
8. Do not eat fish or seafood? The importance of omega-3 in reducing blood fat and the oxidation

of the blood
9. do not eat dairy products, given the importance of some of the beneficial bacteria in the treatment of indigestion
Bloating of raising the level of calcium
10 - drink large quantities of caffeine.....Coffee nescafé and
11 - not to eat green salad because they contain metal salts, vitamins, professional
12 - non-compliance with the instructions of the therapist exactly


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